glad you’re here

Stour Valley Vineyard is an informal and relaxed church we think you might like. For many of us, it feels like coming home. Whether you’re looking for peace, clarity, purpose, family, kindness or simply lost your way, you are welcome.

This Sunday

God loves to ask questions – it’s His favourite conversation starter. Even though He knows where we’re at, what we’ve done and what we’re thinking, He chooses to come in with a question. God gives us the dignity of telling Him what’s going on. Contrary to our expectations, God doesn’t meet us with judgment but rather an invitation to a relationship. Questions open up possibilities, allow explanation and give the space for us to realize stuff for ourselves. Join us as we explore 5 questions God asks each one of us.

Join us this Sunday in person at the Vinyard Centre or online from 10:30am for the start of our new talk series. Arrive from 10am for fresh coffee

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Have a prayer or a question you need answered? We’re here for you. Seriously, ask us anything!

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