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Stour Valley Vineyard is an informal and relaxed church we think you might like. In fact, for many, it feels like coming home. Whether you’re looking for peace, clarity, purpose, family, kindness or simply lost your way, you are welcome.

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Many people who decide to become followers of Christ find it surprising that their lives don’t automatically become Christ-like.  They are still self-centred and short-tempered, they still hoard their things and have relationships riddled with dysfunction. This series will help you discover the tools that you need to grow spiritually and become more like Christ in your life.

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Arrive on any Sunday and grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee and pastry before you sit down. (Other drinks available!) We believe that God is already at work in our conversations and relationships every time we meet.
contemporary music
contemporary music
This is not your traditional church, but we think you’ll love it all the same. Music brings us all together and closer to God – so we like our worship to be lively and intimate.
speaking of change
speaking of change
We believe God speaks today, so each week we like to look inside the Bible to see how it’s words can make a difference to our everyday lives, and draw us closer to our Father in Heaven. We like to make space to share how this works out too. We have a God of surprises!


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exploring is good. we’re built for it. explore more about life, faith and meaning with alpha.


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