Joel Taylor - 28/11/2021

A Badly Kept Secret

After 500 years of ‘silence’ often called the intertestamental age. Prophecies and miracles were rare. so how would you begin to convince your critics that the Messiah has finally come?

From Series: "Christmas Unwrapped"

There are so many myths and distorted truths around Christmas that it is no wonder people lose sight of the facts of why Jesus was born. But we don’t have to take one person’s word for it – we have four gospel writers to convince us. It’s why we do not have one biography of Jesus in the Bible, but rather four biographies that Christians call the four Gospels. Each Gospel writer - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - have their own, very distinct writing styles. Each Gospel writer has their own distinct purpose for writing, their own take on the infinitely wonderful person we know as Jesus Christ. As we prepare for celebrating the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day, we'll be exploring different vantage points of the four Gospel writers in an Advent series we're calling "Christmas Unwrapped".

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