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Who knew?

When 12 teenagers decided to follow the Nazarene Preacher not one of them would have guessed where the journey would take them. It was to be a journey of discovery, reflection, pain and joy.

Lent is often called a journey, a precious period of 40 days, where Christians across the world in different traditions re-centre their lives on Jesus and prayerfully examine the health of their relationship with him.

This year we are going to focus on the ‘Journey to Jerusalem’. Pastor Andrew Stewart-Darling has written a series of weekly reflections to help you grow in faith and draw closer to Jesus.

Lent is seen as a time for giving up things, such as chocolate or caffeine. Some choose to do a digital detox or abstain from social media. Others, still, contemplate taking a break from Netflix or other online subscription services.

All these things are good and worthwhile and can easily be a part of your own Lent experience, as fasting with prayer often sees breakthroughs, undoubtedly. But the Psalmist writes, there is no reason to be left empty: “For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” – Psalm 107:9 (NIV).

We believe God want to use the space to fill us with good things. All you need to do is give your time to it.

So if you are struggling with your faith or how to pray, The Lent Experience will help you. Sign up now.


When does Lent start and finish?

It begins Ash Wednesday on 6th March and finishes Easter Sunday, 21st April.


What is ‘The Lent Experience’?

It’s a series of weekly email reflections, which may include a weekly challenge to help you develop ‘spiritual disciplines’ in your life. We will send your first email on Ash Wednesday and then a weekly reflection every Sunday morning leading up to our Easter Celebration.


What’s a Challenge?

A challenge is based on an area of faith and have been a part of Lent for hundreds of years. Each challenge is different. You get the entire week to complete it before you get your next challenge the following Sunday.


What If I Struggle?

We can assure you, you won’t be alone! That’s the thing with spiritual disciplines, if they were easy, they wouldn’t be called disciplines! Remember, you are not without help – we have the Holy Spirit.

Get further encouragement from joining a small group and share your experiences together. If you are not in a group, maybe now is a good time to join one. There’s one just waiting for you!


Is There a Cost?

The only cost is your own time and effort, but this is really about you and God. We just ask that you try and stick with The Lent Experience and see it through.