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As Christians, there is real strength in simply coming together to share our lives and experiences before God and one another. Our midweek pastoral groups are as much about friendship as fellowship.

We follow in the footsteps of the early Christians recorded in the Book of Acts (The Bible) who met together regularly to share their lives with one another and meet the needs of those less fortunate around them.

We do the same. These are often times of deep reflection, healing – and laughter! We call these midweek meetings HOME Groups.

HOME stands for

Hospitality – welcoming and accepting of all, regardless of where people are at in their relationship with God.

Outreach – meeting the needs of others, whether spiritual, emotional or physical.

Ministry – hearing from The Bible, and practically applying it our everyday lives.

Encouragement – sharing our life stuff together and praying for one another’s needs, while seeking more of God’s power for our own lives.

You’ll be greeted by a pot of coffee or tea and probably some tasty treats. We may begin with informal worship, using contemporary songs, before looking at something from the Bible.

We end our evening with an opportunity to share and pray for one another’s needs and to seek God afresh for our lives.

If you would like to join a HOME group, give us a ring on 01787 377 670 or drop us a line at the Vineyard Centre.