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At Lent, many millions of Christians commit to praying, fasting and giving in some way, shape or form. Over the centuries, it has meant giving up certain luxuries that are associated with the sacrifice of Jesus’ journey into the desert for 40 days where he was tempted.

It is also a very unifying time for the church, not least for our own church family, which is why we are keen that we journey together as we begin to approach Easter.

This year we have put together a number of inspirational resources for you on the Stour Valley Vineyard website.

You’ll find our personal recommendations for books, podcasts and apps, ready for you to download to your phone or tablet.

Why not see this period of 40 days before Easter as a time of self-examination, reflection and sacrifice?

Start by asking yourself today: how is it with your soul? Are you struggling with faith? Do you wish you could move on in certain areas of your life?

Allowing yourself space each day in Lent is the greatest gift you can give to Jesus and yourself.

It is said it takes between 30-40 days to establish a new habit. Now is the time to do it!