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As we begin to emerge from 15 months of lockdown, it feels to us a little like Noah and his family stepping off the ark on Mount Ararat after the 40 days and nights of rain has finally stopped.

Through the storm that has been the Covid-19 crisis, many of you will have stopped and taken the (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reflect a little on your future. Although probably you are thinking right now how an overseas holiday would be welcome!

As with the ark, life was not expected to go back to as it was before for Noah, but to be different – and better. This is our hope for Stour Valley Vineyard too. We believe we can come out of this difficult period stronger and more inspired for things of the Kingdom.

Not many of you tell us that you want things to be exactly as they were before, but we hope the forced time away has made you more grateful, like us, for in-person church services. Sometimes you only appreciate something when it has been taken away from you!

We that you may be able to join us for this special church family meeting where we will back together, in person, at the Vineyard Centre.

We want to hear from you, your experiences and your expectations for the future. Research shows that the healthiest churches thrive on vision, passion and imagination. After all, this is your church, your family, your home, so your voice matters.


We look forward to seeing you!