…a motley collection of ordinary people who are on a journey of surrender and transformation through the grace of God. They choose to be real with Him and real with one another. They are generous and compassionate; no strings attached. They are grace-givers, hope-bringers, wide-eyed dreamers and risk-takers. They laugh together, cry together, worship together and serve together. They know that little things done with great love will change their community, starting not least with themselves. They are us.

vision and mission

Our vision is to be a church surrendered to God, transformed by grace. Our mission is to bring life in all its fullness in Jesus’ name to our towns and villages in the Stour Valley. If that excites you too, let’s walk together!

our story

Andrew and Emma Stewart-Darling moved with their three daughters to south Suffolk in the summer of 2005. They had been living in West London since Andrew had finished his theological training in 1995. He was an Assistant Pastor with Riverside Vineyard Church, before helping to pioneer an Anglican church plant in St Margaret’s Twickenham in 2000. Life was good. Andrew was near Chelsea football ground, so all was well with the world…


vineyard distinctives

Every family has its own values. They are what help make a church feel like home. Every Vineyard in the world shares these values. We hope they might appeal to you too.


staff team

Andrew Stewart-Darling
Andrew Stewart-DarlingSenior Pastor
Andrew founded the church with Emma in 2007 having moved out from All Souls, West London. They have three daughters. Andrew has more than a mild obsession with church planting and coffee. Possibly in that order.
Emma Stewart-Darling
Emma Stewart-DarlingSenior Pastor
Emma enjoys making clothes – usually a little haphazardly, and zipping around country lanes in her Morris Minor. She is passionate about introducing people to God’s undeserved and unexpected love.
Carl Ward
Carl WardAdministrator & Alpha Co-ordinator
Carl and his wife Emma joined Stour Valley Vineyard in February 2013 after moving from Rugby. When he’s not giving piggybacks to his 2-year-old son Carl likes to search out destinations and plan for his next snowboard trip.
John Forth
John ForthPlanet Vineyard Team Leader
John heads up the wonderful team who provide our children and youth ministry. When he is not thinking up games, jokes or craft activities, he can usually be found chasing his dog around the Suffolk countryside.
Kerri Hellon-Warwick
Kerri Hellon-WarwickSupernovas Team Leader
Kerri has been involved with Planet Vineyard, our children and youth ministry, for over 10 years. She tells us, “I feel truly blessed having the opportunity to see them all grow in their walk with Jesus.”
Vicky Leonard
Vicky LeonardAdministrator
Vicky works for Storehouse, our foodbank, and is inspired by how lives are truly changed by this simple act of kindness given in God’s name. She is also our Safeguarding Officer.
Ysobel Hellon-Warwick
Ysobel Hellon-WarwickOffice Administrator
Bel has a passion to reach young people with the good news of Jesus. She is also a talented creative genius in film-making and all-round creativity. Along with Carl, she makes sure the offices runs smoothly.
Beryl Worvell
Beryl WorvellStorehouse Drop-in Coordinator
Beryl has helped to pioneer Storehouse and been part of the team for nine years. She is passionate about Jesus and following His example in ministering to the poor and broken in our community.
Beleta Freeman
Beleta FreemanHospitality and Welcome
Beleta is married to Stuart and has three children. She thrives on organising events. “I love seeing people come together and just having a great time, celebrating God’s love and goodness to us!”
Karen Naylor
Karen NaylorNewcomers' Co-ordinator and Finance Administrator
Karen helps those new to Vineyard feel at home. It’s important to her to give people a warm welcome and make them feel valued for the unique person that they are. She is also on the Alpha team, and helps makes the occasional (vegan) pudding!