Book your hour . Revive your soul . Change our community.

“Every time we pray, something happens.” These are the words that Brian Heasley shared with us back in October as we launched our ‘House of Prayer’ at SVV.

In the song Way Maker, we sing:

“Even when I can’t see it, You’re working,

Even when I can’t feel it, You’re working.

You never stop, You never stop working!”

We may not be able to use our Prayer Room at the Vineyard Centre, but, as we keep saying, He is making us into a House of Prayer – not just the physical place of the Vineyard Centre. Will you rise to the challenge, and allow the Holy Spirit to move in your heart so that you start to become a place of prayer yourself?

Sign up for your hour in the virtual prayer room and take time to be still, to breathe slowly and to re-centre your scattered senses on the presence of God.

In the past, when we have had 24/7 prayer, we have enjoyed using the walls and the notebook to share what we are hearing and feeling with others using the room. This has brought a sense of unity, when we are seemingly alone.

In order to recreate this sense of unity, we have created a private FaceBook page so that we can still have a space to share and encourage one another. All you need to do is to send a request to the Administrator, and you will be given access to the page.

Together, as we pray, we can see God move mountains, change lives and restore our peace.

Let’s Pray!