Bold, persistent prayer changes history…

Over 2000 years ago: the church was born in a 24‐7 Prayer Room in Jerusalem as the Disciples gathered and waited for the Holy Spirit to come (Acts 2).

Over 1000 years ago: Celtic monasteries prayed 24‐7. Their prayers transformed Europe.

Over 300 years ago: Moravians prayed 24‐7 for 100 years and took the gospel to many nations even selling themselves to reach slaves.

Over 100 years ago: a multi-racial 24‐7 Prayer Room on Azusa Street, Los Angeles sparked the global Pentecostal and charismatic renewal.

In 1999 the first UK 24/7 Prayer Room began in Chichester and has been catalytic for prayer rooms starting all over the world.

Here, at SVV, we held our first week of 24/7 prayer in June 2014. People who used that space and took an hour to be with God said:

“The time went so fast, I couldn’t believe I’d been there for an hour.”

“I went in with no agenda and just enjoyed God’s presence. When I came out, I found that I’d been healed of hip pain that I’d had for some time.”

“Even though we were all spending time alone with God, I felt more unity with the rest of the church than I had ever felt until then.”

24-7 Week of Prayer takes place the week before Easter and is a time to revive your soul, to see change in you and for our community. You can be part of a growing global vision that continually prays, day and night, for our broken world. See the Vision film for further inspiration.

Book your hour today to reserve the time that suits you best, and plan to take time to be still in God’s presence to follow in the footsteps of others before you.

Let His Kingdom come!